Chickens, mayhaps?

I eat eggs essentially daily. For years, I have wanted chickens. Everyone around here has chickens. The farm supply store has baby chicks for sale. I can’t stop thinking about chickens!

2015-04-15 15.18.18
What’s that you say? You want to come live with me and my otherĀ babies? Hmm…

I spent a good chunk of today reading about chickens and trying to design the best/cheapest chicken coop possible (I have a lot of scrap wood, fencing, outdoor screws, and various other supplies in the garage and around the house… I’m a total pack rat). I’m getting close to finalizing a design, so if I still want them in a couple days, I might actually do this. I’m so addicted to getting new animals, and am trying really hard not to be too impulsive about it…

2015-04-07 11.17.18-2 copy
This guy lives around the corner, and has crossed the road in front of my car more than once. It’s funny every time.

If you own chickens, do you have any tips/advice/warnings or resources to direct me toward? I’ve read about them a lot in the last few years (and refreshed it today), but I’m an obsessive researcher!


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