I’m now a chicken momma!


I’ll keep this brief, but just wanted to announce to the world that I brought four sweet little chicks home yesterday!

First up is Hedy, a Black Australorp. As soon as I picked her up at the feed store, she curled up in my scarf and tried to take a nap. I instantly fell in love, and realized I wasn’t leaving without her… 

… but obviously she needs some friends! Here is Emmy, a Columbian Rock Cross.

This is Ada. She is an Ameraucana, so I am hopeful she will have bluish eggs. Fingers crossed!

And finally, here is Rosie. She is a Golden Comet.
Lenny is super intrigued by them, but has been a really good boy so far.

Oh, and because I’m totally insane, I set my iPad up next to them and installed a security camera app so that I can spy on them all the time. Ha!img_3006

I guess I should really get to work on building that coop now…


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  1. glutenfree vegetarian meal ideas says:

    How cute


  2. amw62 says:

    Oh my gosh…they are the cutest!!

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  3. They are so sweet . We have just hatched two snow flake chicks . The I pad cam is a good plan .x

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